10 Musts: A Guide to Galway

Galway is one of my favorite places on this planet. If you go to Ireland, I highly recommend a long visit. 

Sunday Brunch, Lunch and/or Dinner at Kai

I literally had to pull myself away. If I hadn't been so self conscious, I would have eaten here every day. I kid you not, this restaurant is in my Top 10 of anywhere in the world...and I've only been for lunch. Can't wait to try dinner during my next visit. 


Trad Music at The Crane on Sea Road or O’Conners in Salt Hill

I love traditional Irish music (and really live anything in any country is bomb). These two local establishments are warm and welcoming. Depending on the night, you may even be able to get on stage and sing along.


Hike Up Diamond Hill

Give yourself 3 hours, pack a lunch and rain gear, and head toward Connemara to find this gem of a hike. The views are magnificent....even on a cloudy day. Pro tip: go with a friend.


Early Morning Visit to the Cliffs of Moher

Like really early, get there by 9am and avoid the crowds. A definite must see.


Take Class at YogaYoga

YogaYoga is how I first got connected to Galway. Now, its not the only reason I go back, but its a pretty big one! Ken and Natasha are fantastic people and the community of yogis is second to none. Its hot in there folks. Bring a towel. 


Unplug at the Secret Garden

No Wifi available here, so don't ask. Instead, enjoy a large selection of loose leaf teas and good books. For those of you who like to sit on the floor, thats also possible with the two tables inset with Moroccan style seating. 


Take the Go Bus to Dublin

Snacks, headphones, shades. Done. Its quick, affordable, clean and easy. 


Work in a Makeshift WIFI Cafe: Dela, Cafe Temple, Pure Raw

If I see a sign for a 'Wifi Cafe', I generally keep walking. Not because I don't want Wifi, I just don't like the idea of a cafe centered around it. I seek out good food (always) and atmosphere first, and hope that there is a connection. 


Get Caffeinated: Urband Grinds, Javas

At this point in my life, I don't drink coffee every day. So, when I do, its generally when I'm traveling, and it has to be worth it. These two gems make it so. 


Jump Off Black Rock/Swim in the Bay

I didn't quite get around to doing this last time, so when I am back in December, its on (yes, December)