You can create your soulmate. Sorry you hopeless romantics, I am not talking about the perfect significant other, lover or life partner. I am talking about the person you have to live with for the rest of your life. The person that you have to go to sleep and wake up with every day. The one you feed at each meal, clothe, bathe and see everyday. Someone you’re 100% responsible for. 

If you haven’t gotten to it yet: I’m taking about you.

I hear all the time (and have said myself) “I'll be complete when I meet that person who fits me perfectly ”,  “my marriage would be so much better if my husband would just this or that”, or “If only I could just write down and manifest all the things I want in a partner…” 

The problem is, we tend to put all of the things that we want over there with other people and situations. We let those things control not just how we are, but who we are.

I spent years trying to change my marriage and trying to fix my husband. I didn't know it then, but I had zero control over how he acted, responded to circumstances, took care of himself, loved me, or argued. So finally I got down in the dirt with myself.  Where I did have power was in who I was in the relationship and life in general. So, I got to work. 

The opportunity to create the perfect soulmate is actually right in front of you, it always has been.

You can live every day for the rest of your life with someone that inspires you, loves you unconditionally, takes risks, has fun, is vulnerable and stands up for what they believe in.
Take out all the significance this world puts on having someone else complete you and get to work.